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Undisciplined Hearts


Dora.  She was painfully unprepared for life.  She grew up in a wealthy family.  Her mom died when she was young, and after this, her dad pampered her. She did not have any responsibility and was allowed to do whatever she wanted.

Then, this girl grows up.  She’s frivolous and lazy.  She shuns correction.

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David.  He faced rejection and loss from a very young age.   His father died before he was born, and after this, his mother remarried a charming, but evil man.  This man estranged David from his mother.  The stress of this broke David’s mother’s heart, and caused her early death.

Then, this boy grows up.  He’s broken.  He craves acceptance.  He desperately needs love.

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These two people meet.

He becomes infatuated with her.  She likes the attention.

He wants to work hard for her.  She likes to play.

He’s serious about marriage.  She thinks it’s a game.

He sees the warning signs, but ignores them.  She doesn’t think there is a problem.

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They marry…

But, what happens after this?

Tension.  He feels like she’s constantly letting him down.  She thinks that he doesn’t love her anymore.

Resentment.  He is frustrated that she doesn’t listen to him.  She feels unaccepted, but doesn’t want to change her ways.

Disorder.  He wishes for her to manage their home.  She’s not willing to do the work.

David and Dora are both characters from David Copperfield.  It’s a very long book, with some boring, hard-to-get-through parts mixed in with fascinating scenarios, like this one.


Over time, they both come to see their errors.

David says of himself:   “For I knew, now, that my own heart was undisciplined when it first loved Dora.

Dora says of herself:     “I am afraid, dear, I was too young. I don’t mean in years only, but in experience, and thoughts, and everything….. I have begun to think I was not fit to be a wife.

In your opinion, who are you more like, David or Dora?  Or are you a bit of both? 

I’m probably more like David, except, I have a good life.   It’s easy for me to get very excited about something, and ignore warning signs and then make a rash decision.