I learned something…


Until recently, panic attacks were a daily part of my life.

They would last for about 40 minutes and were very debilitating.  Often it would get so bad, that I would hyperventilate.  I was so discouraged, and thought that my anxiety would never get better.

Then, in the wee hours, one morning, I found this video.  It changed my life. 

This man’s videos have really helped me with my anxiety attacks.  He taught me that I have more control over my anxiety than I had thought and that it doesn’t have to dominate my life.  My last full-blown attack was nine days ago.  Sometimes, I start to become anxious, but I’ve learned how to prevent a complete attack from happening.

Anxiety is a complicated issue, and it’s different for every person, so I don’t want to make it seem like this video will cure all your anxiety forever, but for me this was a huge help.  It really helped me see some of the things I had been missing.

I hope this gives some encouragement to those struggling with anxiety:-)


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